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Free Counters Marcos Moschovidis

  1. Zagreb


  2. View from the Queens bound Subway


  3. Manhattan


  4. Off to Zagreb

    Hey everybody, tomorrow I’m travelling again and this time I’m visiting Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia! Looking forward to taking plenty of pictures and videos, new material will be posted on monday the 21st of April!
    Thanks for the massive support lately, I appreciate it a lot!!

    All the best,



  5. Welcome to Chinatown


  6. Welcome to Brooklyn


  7. Brooklyn Nights


  8. Manhattan as seen from brooklyn.


  9. Manhattan


  10. Brooklyn


  11. Central Park



    Quick update: I will be in New York for 2 weeks from this friday onwards, plenty of pictures will be taken and then uploaded, can not wait to share the experience as it is my first time in the United States!
    Hope everybody is having a great 2014 so far, thanks for the support and bless you all!


  13. Paddling on Lake Starnberg


  14. My first car, Mercedes W124 230E. 

    Absolutely in love with it 


  15. Spitzingsee and the Alps on a sunny day in March